Time To Go…

You have a dog – your very best friend. You have been together for many years since puppyhood, helping each other through good times and bad. You are his world, and he is yours. Now a decision is near. His eyes are growing dim, he no longer can run and play or jump up onto his favorite spot on the sofa, he no longer can go on those special walks in the park that just last month he relished. You have talked to each other about this day, and he has told you with a look that only a dog can give that it’s okay – he trusts you to make the right decision, relies on you to make it.

I know – I have been exactly in this space more times than I want to remember. And because I understand the special bond you share I have created a special service intended to memorialize your relationship through custom photography. Here’s how it will work between us.

You call me, we talk about your specific situation. We determine whether you need me to come right away, or whether we have time to schedule a session. Either way, the photo session will take place at your home in familiar surroundings. There is no time limit for the session in order to have everything as relaxed as possible. We have one or more preliminary conversations to get to know one another and for me to understand the special bond that you have with your dog. I have found that learning about your relationship helps me to capture its essence in our photography because we are more “in touch”.

The Creative Fee for these sessions is reduced to $150 and can be paid either at the time of booking or at the time of the photo session, and it includes a $100 print credit against a minimum print order of $250. As an added bonus, when you purchase your print package you will receive a DVD with up to 10 low-resolution images from our session – my gift to you. The images on your DVD will be suitable for emailing, saving as an online album, or any other use other than printing.

You will have access for viewing your images online within 2 weeks of our session. At that time you can let me know which prints you will be ordering (prices and packages are on the Details page).

Please let me know if I can be of service to you – see the Contact page for details.

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