I do not do weddings. Ever.

I sometimes can be talked into doing portrait studies of people – individuals, families, children. And although I don’t do weddings I do create intimate, unforgettable engagement images. I shoot these sessions on location, preferably using natural light. Occasionally, I use off camera artificial lighting as well.

But my real focus is on pet and animal photography – and almost exclusively dogs. I absolutely love horses – always have – and also the occasional cat. But dogs and the bond they share with you are my first passion. My goal in every image is to capture that special moment when they reveal their soul to the camera. Again, I do this on location and using natural light to the extent possible. The result is high end, custom portraits that are intended to hang on your walls as pieces of fine art.

I also provide a special service that I provide to dog owners who are facing that most difficult decision involving an aging or terminally ill pet. Call me, and I will come and hopefully you will have some very special lifetime mementos of your “best friend” in the hours or days before that last loving farewell. If not, you owe me nothing. Details are here….

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