Posted on May 9, 2017

What do you give a lady in her 90’s, living alone as a kind and generous neighbor since we moved in across the street a little over 18 years ago, to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Try as I might I hadn’t been able to think of a thing – until last week when I spied her tending to her flowers that had just come up a few days before.  Now, my wife adopted her – actually, they adopted each other – as each other’s BFF almost from the day we arrived in the neighborhood. Thanks to that relationship Tricia knows Barbara just about better than anyone, and as we stood at our window together and watched Barbara tend to her flowers, Tricia commented to me that Barbara had told her just the day before that her flowers were especially beautiful this spring. And I knew…. I knew exactly what sweet Barbara would be getting from us for Mother’s Day.  She won’t see this because she is not a computer or internet person at all, but she will see it Sunday morning, as a framed 5×7 print for her nightstand, or her dresser.  I hope she likes it – Happy Mother’s Day, Barbara – you are just the best!

Posted on June 2, 2014

Every now and again someone special asks me to do a portrait session that has nothing to do with pet photography – not a dog or cat to be seen (or a horse, either, darn it!)….  it’s pretty rare for me to do it, but when it comes from special people how can I say no?  These ladies have been two of our dearest friends for over 10 years – and there is a pet connection between us. Maybe I’ll post it as a comment.  Anyway…. they asked me to do a portrait for them, for a very special upcoming event in their lives, and I did it, and they love their images, so here you go – who knows, I may loosen up and do more of this!  Mary Lynn and Eileen – I am so honored you asked me to do this for you….

MaryLynnEileen-7865-small MaryLynnEileen-7864-port-small

Posted on March 28, 2012

Yes – finally, winter is over… well, as over as it can be in Colorado! So we are making plans for a full season of creating fine art portraits of your pet! The scenic beauty that is Colorado makes for beautiful, timeless images that are emotionally enriching, and to take full advantage of our natural beauty most of our “excess” mileage charges will be waived for outdoor sessions on weekends until June 1st! We can pack up and head anywhere within 70 miles of the greater Denver area to capture stunning fine art images! And that’s not all – see our Special Promotions page under Services for special pricing on creative fees and print packages for springtime in Colorado!

Posted on October 30, 2011

Meet Calpurnia – Callie for short. I have a “client” that names all of her cats after the characters in the book/movie “To Kill A Mockingbird”. This is a very special “client” – and this is a very special cat. Cats are a different photographic challenge – they don’t typically do a very reliable sit, or stay, or much else. Someone said that dogs have masters, and cats have staff. How very true! Anyway, photographing Callie was a challenge – it was a game of cat and mouse (GROAN… did I really say that???) – but the quick snap finally won out. Here she is, Madame Diva – Calpurnia.

Calpurnia - "Did you get it, did you get it???"

Posted on October 22, 2011

A few weeks ago I had the honor of doing a family portrait session for some dear friends – the first they had had done in many years. While I don’t usually do this kind of session, one of the family brought along his two dogs – the height of the session! What little bundles of personality – Milo and Maple were a little full of themselves, but once settled in we managed to capture their inner sweetness. Thank you, Jerry, for the privilege of putting these images on canvas for you!

Milo on the ready!

Maple - Sweet as sugar!

Maple and Milo hamming it up for the camera - what next?

Posted on February 19, 2010

After giving up entirely on my old blog after never being able to get it working the way I wanted I turned to the team over at – and what a difference!  Now I have time to do what I want to do – make great images – instead of spending hours getting a site running.  They take care of making it work and look right, I take care of the content, and everyone’s happy!

Now that I’m functional (well…. semi) watch for some image uploads either here on this page, or to the Porfolio section.  I have a ton of stuff to get moved from the old sites (yes, I had more than one)!

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