Posted on May 9, 2017

What do you give a lady in her 90’s, living alone as a kind and generous neighbor since we moved in across the street a little over 18 years ago, to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Try as I might I hadn’t been able to think of a thing – until last week when I spied her tending to her flowers that had just come up a few days before.  Now, my wife adopted her – actually, they adopted each other – as each other’s BFF almost from the day we arrived in the neighborhood. Thanks to that relationship Tricia knows Barbara just about better than anyone, and as we stood at our window together and watched Barbara tend to her flowers, Tricia commented to me that Barbara had told her just the day before that her flowers were especially beautiful this spring. And I knew…. I knew exactly what sweet Barbara would be getting from us for Mother’s Day.  She won’t see this because she is not a computer or internet person at all, but she will see it Sunday morning, as a framed 5×7 print for her nightstand, or her dresser.  I hope she likes it – Happy Mother’s Day, Barbara – you are just the best!

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