Posted on June 2, 2014

Every now and again someone special asks me to do a portrait session that has nothing to do with pet photography – not a dog or cat to be seen (or a horse, either, darn it!)….  it’s pretty rare for me to do it, but when it comes from special people how can I say no?  These ladies have been two of our dearest friends for over 10 years – and there is a pet connection between us. Maybe I’ll post it as a comment.  Anyway…. they asked me to do a portrait for them, for a very special upcoming event in their lives, and I did it, and they love their images, so here you go – who knows, I may loosen up and do more of this!  Mary Lynn and Eileen – I am so honored you asked me to do this for you….

MaryLynnEileen-7865-small MaryLynnEileen-7864-port-small

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